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"Words of Goodness" from Rev. Ken

May 30, 2020

3…2…1…Lift Off!”

Nasa/SpaceX representative, May 30, 2020

  Those of us of age can recall many, many times we have heard those words of both expectation and excitement. They are of course the words spoken just prior to the launching of another space-bound vehicle.

 I’ve never tired of hearing those words and seeing the spectacle of a space craft pluming tons of exhaust in order to escape the bonds of earth’s gravity. The strange ability to engineer enough power, power harnessed to direct with pinpoint accuracy an object larger than any building here in Essex into the sky and beyond is stunning. The amassing of knowledge and experience to do so is apparently unique to humans.

 It was in the book of Genesis that we are told that God gave human-kind dominion over the earth. Little did the writers of those earliest records know the lengths to which the future would bring dominion.

 Our church has a small group of devoted and loving stewards who have in some ways pledged to use this dominion in a way as to right some wrongs, and to advocate for new ways of interacting with the earth.

 Our little group has been willing to accept how they have impacted the earth as one of earth’s domineers. And maybe more of us could do the same. I’ve told you before that it is estimated that it takes 1800 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef! If most of us would cut down the number of times we eat beef on a regular basis, the earth would be relieved of a great stress of water recycling. Let alone the reduction of methane from all those cow f**ts.

 So as the wonders of space flight amaze and mystify some of us, we could hope that the wonders of God’s earth could be regenerated and given greater concern so that our children, grand-children, and great-grand-children can enjoy the wonders of God’s creation as we have.


 Rev. Ken


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